FRMSHARE is going to create Investment opportunities for individuals and help people from all over the world to own a share in a highly profitable established farm. We are disrupting the old ways and bringing in new farming practices and co-ownership ideas.  With the launch of FRMSHARE a block chain based coin-share project for buying, maintaining and running farms, with particular focus on Africa and South Africa you are able to own a share in an already profitable established farm.

We buy and manage already profitable mega farms, so we don’t waste money on start-ups, nor do we run the risk of startups. These farms are very expensive and almost impossible to own by yourself, you need us and we need you.

We are creating a community of international “co-farm-owners”, through the use of blockchain and the Bitcoin network. By putting millions of small investors together we are able to raise enough funds to purchase a mega and highly profitable farm. With the use of block chain and crypto currencies it is easier than ever before to get a project of this magnitude started.

Cryptocurrencies can help to crowdfund FRMSHARE. Investors from all over the world can invest and send us,  any amount cheaply and easily. We are also able to send investors their profit share via crypto anywhere in the world as well, at a fraction of the cost, and without the hassle of traditional gateways.


The World Bank estimates show that African food market will be worth US$1 trillion by 2030, up from the current US$30-50 billion.

We want to be part of this food market phenomenon and together we can do it!

FRMSHARE – Share the farm, share the profit!

Founders Team


Andre Snyman

Director: Project Management

Wynand Olivier  

Director: Marketing and IT




Dewald Murray 

Director: Blockchain

Graduating from the University of South Africa in 2008 with a Business Degree, Dewald immediately started working in IT developing web-based application. 

With a passion for software development, Dewald co-founded Digital Legion and DM Digital in 2012 offering software development services to customers. 

The company quickly shifted their focus to game development in 2013 and actively started a unique game development project: Legions At War

Driven by digital technology founders Ruan Joubert and Dewald Murray actively started development on plans for of a mesh network blockchain and aim to improve blockchain technologies and adoption.


Ruan Joubert  Director: Technology

Graduating NECSA in 2009 as an industrial instrument technician, Ruan was employed by the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa where he constructed and programmed laboratory control panels. 

His fault-finding, system calibration,  instrumentation, and developer experience is essential.

James Cameron